Here’s what some of our customers had to say about their Darrell Thomas Textiles experience.

  • Bonnie-Dee Racette Ottawa

    Ottawa used to have a few high-end up fabric shops: Riopelle’s, International Fabrics, Rockland Textiles and Marshall’s, which is where I met Darrell. It is thanks to him that Ottawa’s been saved and we fashionistas are still able to get beautiful high-end fashion fabrics in the City. Darrell recognized the need to keep a shop like this opened in Ottawa as these stores closed, and/or switched from selling fashion to upholstery fabrics, as Rockland Textiles did.

    Darrell has always been wonderful, down to earth and a pleasure to deal with. It’s so refreshing to be able to speak to someone who is knowledgeable about fabrics, and also about the history of fashion. His staff are also quite pleasant and welcoming.

    Congratulations on 17 years of being in business and I pray you’ll be in business for many more years!


    Bonnie-Dee Racette

  • Donna Hutton –

    “I travel to Ottawa at least on a quarterly basis and when I fly in, I book an earlier flight so that I can visit Darrell Thomas textiles. I have found that purchasing designer buttons and replacing those on purchased clothing adds a special touch to coats, suit jackets and blouses. I used to shop for buttons in Italy when I traveled there, but I have found that the buttons at Darrell Thomas are better, easier to find and more cost effective especially when there is a clearance sale. LOVE IT!!!”

  • Colleen Burns – Ottawa

    “I don’t sew a ton so I usually go to Darrell Thomas for little things like buttons or notions or a meter of this or that and I always receive attentive, personal service. Their fabrics and buttons are so inspirational and their beautiful new location shows off their stock so well! I also love knowing I’m supporting a local small business when I shop there–a business with heart since they are so dedicated to supporting the cat rescue!”

  • France Hurley – Ottawa

    “Good morning Mr. Thomas. Last night my husband and I dropped in looking for buttons. I had been told about your store by a coworker . After visiting with you I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I hadn’t been in a store like yours since I was in college in Toronto. Thank you for the wonderful chit chat and for bringing back memories. When you said you knew the old Dress Maker Supply Store and it had gone bankrupt I thought holly cow someone who knows what I am talking about. I could tell my husband was having fun listening to us. You made my evening and the buttons I found were absolutely perfect.”

  • Diane D – Ottawa

    “After many years of not touching a sewing machine, my daughter challenged me back into sewing by asking me to make her high school graduation dress. To make matters worse, she had a particular dress in mind (Kate Hudson’s yellow stunner in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”). Of course, I could not find a pattern, just something kind of close. Darrell was an immense help all the way through, from helping me lay out the adapted pattern in the store, to providing advice on the phone, to helping out in the final days before the dance with a neckline that just wouldn’t sit properly. I was particularly happy that he had an extra yard of material when I had to re-cut the neckline and try again. Thanks Darrell for helping my daughter look stunning and me look like a hero!”
    jennifer K

  • Jennifer K – Ottawa

    Shopping at Darrell Thomas Textiles is always a pleasure. Upon my first visit to the store, I had virtually no sewing experience. The beautiful selection of fabrics and buttons inspired me to sign up for a pillow making course. Darrell was such a wonderful teacher. He was able to entertain a class with a wide range of sewing experience and everyone came away having learned a lot. After one class I was so confident I purchased my own sewing machine. Thank you very much to Darrell and his wonderful team for offering such a wonderful experience!”

  • Catherine Parker – Ottawa

    “I first met Darrell over the phone. I was interested in doing some sewing lessons, and even though I had done many over the years, at different places, including going to some Toronto studios.,I was still looking for a place in Ottawa that had sewing lessons for clothing. When Darrell answered the phone I was immediately impressed with how friendly he was. When I arrived for my first sewing class, I met Darrell in person and loved how funny and excited he was over teaching others how to sew. I had never met someone who loved sewing so passionately as I did, and who got excited over the thought process of creating something with a sewing machine. It was contagious! As I continued to take sewing lessons from him, he encouraged me to continue doing what I loved so much to do, praising my work at the same
    time. He even encouraged me to go the extra step and think about designing. He really believed in me, and saw something in me that I had only kept to myself, the idea that others might like what I sew. He was so encouraging, and always ready to answer any questions. I always went home after a class full of enthusiasm. There is nothing like having someone believe in you to raise your confidence level to new heights.

    Darrell, a great big thank you for everything, I am enjoying my new design course immensely, and I will always remember you as one of my first believers! You have no idea how much my meeting you has meant to me, so thank you.”

  • Bernie Clarke – Ottawa

    The quality of the fabric makes one feel as if one were shopping in Milan or London or New York!” “I have always found the quality of the Darrell-Thomas textiles to be second to none. One would be hard pressed to find finer fabric in Montreal, Toronto, of NYC., As well, the enthusiasm, friendliness and helpfulness of the staff is particularly noteworthy. ”

  • Chad Belanger – Ottawa

    There is no other textile shop in Ottawa that is as creatively engaging, inspiring, and organized as this little gem. The proprietors are masters in their art and have left no stone on the path to great Pieces unturned. They really are so good that I just want to take them home and sew for days! A great place to start and finish outstanding creative projects. Thanks guys! ”

  • Sally Rutherford – Ottawa

    “Darrell Thomas textiles has the most beautiful fabrics and the most cheerful, helpful staff anywhere. I am one of the ‘regulars’ who drops in to see what new fabric has come in or just to say hello. Darrell and his staff are always cheerful and helpful whether one is looking for one button or five yards of silk. ”

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