Welcome to Darrell Thomas Textiles, your source for one-of-a-kind quality fabrics! Whether you are a first time dressmaker or an experienced seamstress, we surely have a fabric or button to suit your requirements.


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Location We are located at 153 Preston Street, 2 blocks south of Somerset Street West

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Ottawa used to have a few high-end up fabric shops: Riopelle’s, International Fabrics, Rockland Textiles and Marshall’s, which is where I met Darrell. It is thanks to him that Ottawa’s been saved and we fashionistas are still able to get beautiful high-end fashion fabrics in the City. Darrell recognized the need to keep a shop like this opened in Ottawa as these stores closed, and/or switched from selling fashion to upholstery fabrics, as Rockland Textiles did.

Darrell has always been wonderful, down to earth and a pleasure to deal with. It’s so refreshing to be able to speak to someone who is knowledgeable about fabrics, and also about the history of fashion. His staff are also quite pleasant and welcoming.

Congratulations on 17 years of being in business and I pray you’ll be in business for many more years!


Bonnie-Dee Racette

Bonnie-Dee Racette Ottawa


“I travel to Ottawa at least on a quarterly basis and when I fly in, I book an earlier flight so that I can visit Darrell Thomas textiles. I have found that purchasing designer buttons and replacing those on purchased clothing adds a special touch to coats, suit jackets and blouses. I used to shop for buttons in Italy when I traveled there, but I have found that the buttons at Darrell Thomas are better, easier to find and more cost effective especially when there is a clearance sale. LOVE IT!!!”

Donna Hutton –


“I don’t sew a ton so I usually go to Darrell Thomas for little things like buttons or notions or a meter of this or that and I always receive attentive, personal service. Their fabrics and buttons are so inspirational and their beautiful new location shows off their stock so well! I also love knowing I’m supporting a local small business when I shop there–a business with heart since they are so dedicated to supporting the cat rescue!”

Colleen Burns – Ottawa

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